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The English Emergency Reporting Service

How's Your Spanish?


During an Emergency It Could be Critical.

ExPat911 does all the talking for you. One click on the ExPat911 app on your cell phone alerts operators who report your emergency to the proper Mexican agencies that will come to your aid.

ExPat911 is a service developed by Expats for Expats.

Imagine being in a life threatening emergency situation, and trying to speak to 911 in Mexico. Would you feel comfortable explaining in Spanish all of your symptoms or explaining about a crime that is being committed in your home? After speaking to many fellow Expats, it was realized that a service like this was 100% necessary. So ExPat911 was created.

The idea is simple…

When you report a crime or emergency using the ExPat911 app, you will always get a 100% fluent English speaking operator. Operators are 100% fluent in Spanish as well and they will ensure that all details are reported properly on your behalf.  You just click a button for a specific alert (Police, Ambulance or Fire) and they will call you to verify the emergency and gather additional details.  Then they will report your emergency in Spanish on your behalf.  

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English Emergency Reporting Service for only $99 US per year

Only $148.50 US per year for couples

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