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MedjetAssist members, if hospitalized, do not have to worry about being transferred to a nearby hospital in a foreign country that has only adequate medical care. Members choose if they want to fly home to their local hospital or hospital of their choice in their home country to receive the very best care and to be near their family.

MedJet’s planes are well equipped with licensed health professionals and the latest state of the art medical equipment.

If you want to get back home immediately for emergency treatment you’ll be glad you have MedjetAssist.  Medjet will fly you from anywhere in the world to a medical facility in your home area quickly and safely.


Medjet is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. Travel is my business; I travel almost constantly and I wouldn't go on a trip without them. I've seen Medjet in action and it's like having family take care of you.


Jena Gardner, President

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