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The Benefits of Turmeric

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

September 2020

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The popularity of turmeric among researchers is gaining ground almost daily.


For millennia, this bright yellow spice has been revered for its many uses in cuisine, herbalism, and other areas. Today, researchers and medical professionals are rapidly exploring turmeric’s remarkable potential and demonstrating its powerful benefits for many key areas of health.


One important new study out of UCLA showed that people who took 90 mg of a highly absorbable form of curcumin — the active compound in turmeric that lends its bright yellow pigment — experienced significant improvements in memory and attention over an 18 month period. Subjects also reported improved mood. Furthermore, PET brain scans of participants showed significantly less amyloid and tau signals in the amygdala and hypothalamus, indicating a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Turmeric’s powerful secret Researchers believe that these important benefits may be attributed to turmeric’s powerful anti-inflammatory actions, but more research is needed to better understand the exact mechanisms. Previous studies have also demonstrated turmeric’s benefits for cognitive health, in addition to its ability to fight cancer, boost immune function, protect organ function and more. Here are just a few key highlights among turmeric’s long list of beneficial actions: 8 scientific benefits of turmeric 1. Boosts immune function. Research demonstrates that curcumin in turmeric supports the activity of a protein known as CAMP, which helps maintain healthy immune function. And, it might just be the key to warding off your allergy symptoms too. That’s because turmeric is also known as an immune system modulator. Basically, it helps prevent the release of histamine, one of the main causes of hay fever, which means you suffer less when allergy season rolls around. 2. Protects the liver. Studies have shown that turmeric helps to maintain liver health, particularly during exposure to toxins. For example, turmeric promotes the production of bile to support digestive health and detoxification. It also influences liver glucose production and inflammation, glucose metabolism and uptake into cells, and supports pancreatic function. 3. Fights dementia. Many epidemiologists have long thought that turmeric’s use in India has helped its aging populations maintain cognitive health. New studies, including this brand new one out of UCLA, are bearing that out, showing that turmeric actively promotes cognitive and neurological health. 4. Combats cancer. Numerous studies demonstrate that turmeric delivers powerful benefits for fighting cancer growth and metastasis throughout the body, both for active support as well as long-term maintenance and prevention. According to researcher Beatrice Bachmeier, curcumin may help prevent breast and prostate cancers because they’re both linked to the type of inflammation curcumin offsets. 5. Supplies powerful antioxidants. Turmeric’s high antioxidant count offers powerful anti-aging support against free radicals and oxidative stress. It is considered one of the most potent natural antioxidants that support mitochondria (cellular structures that produce energy). 6. Relieves indigestion. According to the National Institutes of Health, taking turmeric may help relieve an occasional upset stomach. In fact, a clinical trial conducted in 2014 found that people with chronic gastrointestinal issues (like dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome) recovered from indigestion quicker by taking curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) twice a day for six months. 7. Eliminates toxins. Because it supports liver health, digestion, immunity and more, turmeric can aid in the process of eliminating health-robbing toxins and help prevent their accumulation. Turmeric reduces liver inflammation while boosting bile production. It also helps regenerate liver cells and excrete toxins. 8. Protects food during grilling. Research shows that adding turmeric before grilling can reduce the formation of toxic compounds produced by charred meat — by up to 40 percent — making it a great companion spice for your next barbecue. With so many critical benefits being discovered about turmeric, it’s no wonder that this bright yellow spice makes an excellent addition to daily health programs for long-term wellness. Join Us Next Month for a New Healthy Tip